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  • Experience the Panda Century Difference

    Dive into a captivating Chinese learning adventure with Panda Century. Our interactive approach blends language and culture for a truly immersive experience. Book a trial class and see the magic unfold!

  • Tailored Learning Paths for Every Child

    Your child's unique learning journey matters to us. Connect with our course consultants for a personalised learning plan that aligns with your child's interests and abilities. Contact us for a custom-fit educational experience!

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    Enroll at Panda Century and join a vibrant community passionate about Chinese language and culture. Our events and workshops offer real-life practice in a fun and engaging environment. Be part of a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom!

Unlock the World of Chinese Language and Culture

At Panda Century, learning Chinese goes beyond words and into the heart of its rich culture. Our innovative approach integrates language skills with cultural understanding, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Join us and open new doors of opportunity and global connection for your child.

Maintaining the Highest Teaching Standards

Expert Educators and Tailored Curriculum

Our skilled educators blend passion with expertise, offering a curriculum that's both diverse and tailored to individual learning styles.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Methods

Learning Chinese is fun and dynamic at Panda Century, with interactive games, storytelling, and engaging activities.

Cultural Immersion and Real-World Application

We go beyond language, integrating rich cultural insights and real-world practice to deepen understanding and appreciation.

Our Programmes

General Knowledge

Explore a world of knowledge with our comprehensive program, designed to enhance language skills alongside intellectual growth.

General Knowledge

Dive deeper into diverse subjects, enriching your Chinese language learning with a broad spectrum of general knowledge topics.

Chinese & Art Integrated

Experience the fusion of language and creativity, where Chinese learning meets artistic expression for a truly immersive experience.

Customised Adult Class

Tailored for adult learners, our custom classes focus on practical language use, cultural nuances, and flexible learning paces.

Chinese Culture Camp

Immerse yourself in Chinese culture through interactive camps that blend language learning with cultural activities and traditions.

Overseas Culture Trip

Embark on an unforgettable journey, experiencing Chinese culture firsthand through guided trips to significant cultural destinations.

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Testimonials from Around the Globe

Joining Panda Century has been a game-changer for my language skills. The interactive lessons and cultural insights provided a unique and effective learning experience. Highly recommended for anyone serious about mastering Chinese.

Jun Wei Tan Business Owner

As a parent, I've seen remarkable progress in my child's Chinese proficiency since enrolling at Panda Century. The blend of culture and language in teaching makes learning enjoyable and effective. Truly grateful for the dedicated teachers here.

Sarah Lim Mother of Two

Panda Century's approach to teaching Chinese is exceptional. The customised lessons catered to my pace and interests, making learning both fun and rewarding. The cultural immersion aspect was a highlight, deepening my appreciation for the language.

Amanda Chua Student

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Our Values


We customise our programmes based on our students’ interests and needs to make learning Chinese much more interesting.

With our curated interest-based learning, we are confident to drive, motivate and lead new Chinese learning experiences that are unique and individualised.


We inspire and stimulate our students’ interest in learning Chinese so that they can understand and enjoy the language better.

Paired with our years of teaching experience and innovative programmes, we are able to deliver contextual lessons where students can inculcate Chinese culture and values into their learning.


We are constantly keeping ourselves up to date with technology by introducing AI into our teaching programmes.

We provide fun and interactive lessons through the use of storytelling, games and videos where our students are able to learn Chinese through an immersive experience.

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